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Gayleis is a singer-songwriter whose sound is a blend of genres mainly influenced by pop, r’n’b and neo-soul. Her music is an expression of her faith, creativity and experiences.

Discovered at an early age, her love for music has since grown driven by her desire to inspire everyone around her and what she refers to as the rich, evocative and sometimes therapeutic nature of music. “My music journey may have started as a means of escapism and there have been challenges but it has also been filled with interesting life lessons… and the journey has only just begun.”

Gayleis is excited to introduce herself to music lovers everywhere and to share her journey with you. “If you spend enough time with me you just might start to hear my theme song playing in your head.”


I like to write, so let's use this little area to convey some heart-to-heart

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1. It started with love

My music journey is a journey that is born out of love, I’m not talking about the love shared by a couple or a box of heart shaped, foil wrapped yummy treats…

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2. Making the most of it

Believe it or not, for the longest time I tried to run away from doing music… it's true. I felt ‘called’ to music but music isn't exactly the easiest...

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3. The bigger picture

Most people know that I love to sing and make music but the reason why I do any of this, if you haven't already guessed, is much bigger than that...

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