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1. It started with love

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My music journey is a journey that is born out of love, I’m not talking about the love shared by a couple or a box of heart shaped, foil wrapped yummy treats… I'm not even referring to familial love... I’m talking about the original love, God’s love, where it all began. His love is where it first started and since then everything has continued to stem from this same point.

Growing up, my mind was in such a dark place, I say dark because when I actually let God into my life, I realised that where I was before was really bad. I was angry most of the time primarily because I didn’t know who I was and what God had done for me. Once I began to understand and accept God’s love, and I am still learning to accept it till today, I began to discover who God is and who he says I am. Who I am now, in him, is better than anything I could have made of myself. I've come to appreciate that it is his love that drew me, it is his love that saved me, and it is his love that still keeps me. The beginning point of everything we do should be love.

Is love your starting point?

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